About Scandinavian Life – Lightair air purifiers

Scandinavian Life Pty Ltd is a distributor/agency for selected high quality products and services, which are designed to improve people’s health and the environment we live in to ensure a healthy lifestyle. Main focus is on the Australia and New Zealand market. The company is based in Sydney, Australia.

Our main product is a Swedish designed air purifier LightAir IonFlow 50, which offers cleaner and healthier air. It is unique compared to other air purifiers on the market – LightAir IonFlow 50 is filter-free, ozone-free, silent, energy efficient, easy to use and with its modern design it fits into any environment independent of life style or interior design. LightAir IonFlow 50 eliminates the smallest and most harmful particles in the air which cause the most severe health problems. A recent scientific study proves that LightAir IonFlow technology efficiently prevents the spread of airborne transmitted viruses.